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Mike Tucker was passing through Chicago and stopped at the site of the original Tucker Plant today. Building Engineer Frank Werner was kind enough to show him around! He snapped a few pictures along the way.

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We will be following the progress of Brendan  Edgerton in his quest - 300 days around the world in search of the lost Tuckers in a classic Aussie car. He is visiting as many Tuckers as he can and taking pics along the way!

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Come meet John, Sean, and Mike Tucker and see Tucker #1012 and Tucker # 1048 in La Porte Indiana at the 6th annual La Porte Historical Society Car Show


Come witness this historic event - the Gyronaut X-1 will make an exibition pass at the 2013 Speedweek at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Bob Leppan will be driving the Gyronaut just as he did durig the record setting pass in 1966. Meet Steve Tremulis, Rob Ida, and Sean & Mike Tucker at this once in a life time event! Also check out for the full Gyronaut X-1 story and for the resurrection of this historic vehicle.

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