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The History of Preston Tucker LLC

Preston Tucker LLC was formed in 2012 by Sean and Mike Tucker, the great-grandsons of Preston Tucker. The company was founded to further the legacy of Preston Tucker not only though awareness of his original projects and ventures, but also through new activities involving bringing concepts and designs that were never completed to life.  Also featured will be Sean and Mike's continued commitment to the world of automobiles. They have a combined 30+ years of experience in the automotive industry in engineering and management and have been heavily involved in many types of racing and custom vehicle fabrication and assembly.

Sean and Mike started their activities in the automotive industry early in their lives. Always having a interest in automobiles, they decided to develop a concept of their own while still in High School in Dexter Michigan in 1998. Sean and Mike led a team to develop the PT-145 concept - their interpretation of what a modern Tucker might have looked like for the 1999 model year. It featured a Turbine-Flywheel hybrid power train (in the rear of course!), ergonomically designed interior, innovative safety features, and the signature cyclops center headlight like the original Tucker.  This concept was submitted to Chrysler Corporation's “Build Your Dream Vehicle” competition and was chosen as the overall winner for 1998.

During this time Sean and Mike became founding members of the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage collection--a museum dedicated to the history of the Automotive Industry in Ypsilanti Michigan. Ypsilanti is the hometown of Preston Tucker and his original house still stands just blocks from the museum.

After High School, Sean and Mike both went to college – Sean pursuing an Engineering degree and Mike pursuing a Business degree both with the goal of breaking into the automotive industry. During this time they became heavily involved in the late model Mustang scene. Both Sean and Mike built and raced Mustangs in various sanctioning bodies. Sean and Mike still each have a Mustang today; these can be seen on our Projects page. Although not racing competitively, they still enjoy getting out to the drag strip. Both Sean and Mike graduated college and accomplished their goal of a career in the automotive industry. Sean has worked at a Fortune 500 automotive supplier on projects all over the world and currently works at one of the leading manufacturers in the world of heavy trucks. Mike currently works at a Fortune 500 automotive supplier in Michigan.

Sean's most recent venture placed him in Eastern Pennsylvania – not far from the legendary Hot Rod shop of Rob & Bob Ida. Sean and Mike will be assisting in the builds of some of the upcoming Ida Tucker projects including the most recent New Tucker '48 as well as the Tucker Torpedo Concept creation. The collaboration is in its infancy, but based on the history of these two families you can be sure that exciting, innovative things are to come!

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