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In manufacturing settings, "tool checks" were often issued to employees to facilitate centrally coordinated tool cribs.  The tags were used to track which employees were using the stock of tools, gauges, and equipment required for day to day operation of the facility.  The Tucker Corporation manufacturing plant used such a system, and original tool tags are now extremely rare and highly collectible.  Using an original tool check as a guide, Preston Tucker LLC has recreated a modern example of the famous Tucker Corporation tool check in the form of a key chain. The recreation tool check features the same font and text location as the original and is manufactured with black backfilled text.  Although the original tool checks only featured text on one side, the Preston Tucker LLC tool check features the pictured text on both sides.  Original tool tag 1606 is shown next to recreated tool tag 1980 to illustrate the design authenticity of the recreation tag.  Each purchase will include one recreation Tucker Corporation tool tag; please note that the original tool tag 1606 is shown for comparison purposes only and is not included in your purchase.

Reproduction Tucker Corporation Tool Check

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